Restoring and Resurfacing

LAN-FLAT is characterized by its high-precision calibration services and by its capability of recovery / re-surfacing of any surface plate or dimensional metrology component in granite, regardless of its condition, brand or dimensions and that, due to continued use or any other contingency, could have lost precision and be out-of-tolerances, according to UNE 82/309 standard.

This calibration and re-surfacing service can be performedboth at the customer's facilities and in LAN-FLAT's measurement laboratories. The restoring process may include an initial grinding phase, in case the table is severely damaged.

Resurfacing a granite surface plate is a very economically attractive option, especially for large plates. As a general rule, the resurfaced plate is more precise than the original table.

This is attested to by the hundreds of surface plates of all sizes resized to date by the LAN-FLAT company, in leading sectors and companies: ITP Industria de Turbopropulsores S.A., Danobatgroup S. Coop., SORALUCE, GOITI S. Coop., KONDIA S.A., DOIKI S. Coop., Ministry of Defense, National Meteorological Laboratory, PSA, Gestamp S.A., MTorres S.A., etc.)