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Surface plates

LAN-FLAT surface plates provide an accurate reference plane for both measurement and fine-tuning of precision equipment. Their high degree of flatness, overall quality and workmanship also make them ideal bases for mounting sophisticated mechanical systems, benches for micro-machining machines or sophisticated optical devices.

Our modern infrastructure and the experience accumulated by LAN-FLAT since 1998, enable us to manufacture surface plates with almost any requirement and suitable for your needs.

The surface and control plates LAN-FLAT are made of black granite of the highest quality, with precision and tolerances in accordance with the UNE 82/309 standard, in its section on flatness and following the corresponding standards in dimension and weight.

Nuestros productos van acompañados de un completo INFORME DE CALIBRACIÓN válido ante auditorías de calidad, el cual incluye cuatro gráficos descriptivos del estado de la mesa: isométrico, numérico, curvas de nivel y 3D. Si fuera requisito del cliente, es posible también el suministro de nuestras mesas con un informe de calibración ENAC, emitido por un laboratorio convenientemente acreditado (Centro Tecnológico Tekniker, Eibar, Guipúzcoa).

The inclusion of stainless steel threaded inserts is possible, in different metrics and dimensions, as well as the manufacture of T-slots for both guide and fixation.

All LAN-FLAT plates have been made manually, following the strictest standards of quality and precision, with the experience and good work endorsed by our most demanding clients.